‘Superstar India – From Incredible to Unstoppable’ : Book by Shobhaa De

Just finished reading this book. Though the facts and her personal experiences mentioned in the book struck a chord in me(because we are like that), i was not too impressed because of quite a few reasons. First and foremost, it was not clear what was her objective of writing this book, was it just a personal scribble pad? The title ‘India Bashing’ , ‘India Introspection’ would have been more apt. But in this case her book would not have sold and see would have received many brickbats. She does make a valiant effort in the last few chapters to steer her story to reflect the title. The book is more like a personal diary where events, incidents, experiences, thoughts are penned!!!  However, if you disregard these issues then the book is a good interesting read as it gives your ample moments to ponder over. Some of the extracts worth remembering are listed here.

1. “Rarely will an Indian confess to not knowing something. Ours is a marvellous nation of subjaantawallahs. Everybody is an expert”.

2. “Core competence? Don’t be silly. How restricting is that! All-round competence – thats what we excell in”.

3. “Like Bollywood’s child like hankering for an OSCAR, the rest of us also seek approval from outsiders”.

4. “India’s biggest strength lies there – we are a super people!”

5. “Statistics can be terrifying or reassuring as we would like them to be”.

6. “You watch the intrepid kids darting between whizzing limos, deftly avoiding motorcylists and autorickshaws, a monster B.E.S.T Bus…often they are singing the latest bollywood hit Krazy kiya Re…..  and shaking their hips to the rhythm. Where does that enviable spirit come from? How come I’am the one with the ferocious frown, the snarl, the snappy attitude, the harsh voice, the hard look? After all, I,am also the one with the latest phone, LAPTOP and CAR?”

7. ”  ‘Adjust‘ is a favorite  word in India, and is used across the board, even by those who barely speak intelligible english”.

8. “Perhaps that honour will thrill us enough to bestow half-a-dozen other awards on an absentee Indian. Such is our eagerness to ‘own’ successful Indians, sometimes against their will”.

9. “When we talk carelessly and foolishly about our great Indian values, what exactly are we referring to? I think I have some idea. We love the underdog. We worship failure and loss. We adore martyrs and we glorify austerity……almost as much as we applaud sacrifice”.

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Chanakya’s Chant

Bought the book “Chanakya’s Chant” this Sep. Will blog my impressions later

Author’s Web  page

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‘Go Kiss the World’ by Subroto Bagchi

Just finished reading this book. A very good book in my opinion. Some of the extracts worth remembering are

– Open your mind before you open your mouth

-Never think of retiring (from work)

-All that good parents can do is inculcate in their children the sense that when they make a choice, they also choose the consequences

-Leaders must look at things as they are, not as we wish they should have been. While a leader’s job is to alter the reality, he cannot begin by looking at life with an altered reality.

-Sometimes one has to be blessed to be ordinary

-Frustration is the difference between one’s ambition and capability. Either improve capability or lower ambition.

-Passion is what passion does

-Real men say sorry

-Self doubt is positive

-People generally misunderstand ‘struggle’ and ‘simplicity’

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